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How to stay warm without breaking the bank during winter

How to stay warm without breaking the bank during winter

Vintage Heater - PixabayWhen the weather cools down many of us crank up the heating to cope. But when we switch on our heaters or electric blankets at night, it’s easy to forget just how much extra energy you’ll be consuming as you try to stay warm –especially if you live down south in one of Australia’s cooler regions.

The reality is, you’ve already spent a lot of money buying a house in Australia, so you don’t want to spend a small fortune on heating it too!

If you’re keen to save a dollar this winter season (and who isn’t?), then you may be able to warm things up without turning to costly artificial heating.

“There are ways to make your home feel warm and inviting without excessive use of heaters in the home during winter,” says Justine Stedman, Director and Principal Stylist at Vault Interiors.

“A few simple styling tricks can go a long way to staying warm, while also reducing your energy bill and considering the environment too.”

Justine’s top tips for staying warm this winter without breaking your budget include:

  1. Layer your home

“Instead of turning on the heater, look to warm up your home by layering textures and fabrics that will help trap in any heat,” she says. “Plush rugs and wool or faux fur throws in the living room and bedroom are great… and heavy, thick curtains will also help contain warmth and make you feel cosy by blocking out the cold.”

  1. Ditch the electric blanket for flannel sheets

Flannelette sheets work a charm in winter as they help hold the heat in bed. Pair them with a hot water bottle and you’re set, Justine says. “Often, hot water bottles come with cute woolen covers, so bring out your inner stylist and match it to your bedroom or have a selection to choose from to match your mood,” she says. You can also switch your doona from a summer weight to winter heaviness for extra warmth.

  1. Lighten your mood with lighting

Soft, ambient lighting can make a room feel warm and cosy and can “take your mind off the gloomy cold weather”. To save energy and money, Stedman suggests that you switch off some lights and opt for candles instead. “Not only do they help set the mood, they provide warmth and are energy efficient,” she says. Justine suggests clustering a number of candles together on a large tray to create a beautiful feature; as an added bonus, candles will help to cover up unpleasant smells caused by a lack of fresh air.

  1. Introduce some hearty plants

Ferns, succulents and even fresh flowers will breathe life into darker spaces, while certain plants will help filtrate the air as well. “Plants are visually appealing so by bringing the outdoors in, you are less likely to open windows for a nice outlook,” Justine says. “Paired with the heavy, thick curtains, this means you’re more likely to trap heat inside