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How to cut your energy bill to under $500 a year

How to cut your energy bill to under $500 a year

Keen to cut your annual power bill to just $10 a week, or $500 per year? It may sound impossible – but with the new, innovative sustainable technologies hitting the market, this type of energy bill may be a reality in the near future.

Homeowners and renters alike are always looking for energy efficiency options, as electricity costs have skyrocketed in recent years.

Fortunately, in response to this, green-friendly energy options are becoming ever more popular and affordable.

Here are just some of the latest innovations that could help you drive down your bills, now or in the future:

Solar power: In days gone past, you needed to invest a small fortune if you wanted solar technology in your home. Now, you can spend as little as a few thousands dollars to get the benefits of sun-powered energy to power your home. You may even be able to pay for it through your electricity provider in small additional payments each quarter, or via an interest-free promotion.

Smart windows: Tight seals and glazing will help to stop draughts and to block heat from the sun, which assists in keeping your cooling costs down. But there’s a new innovation in sustainability that is taking this one step further: smart windows. These windows have a high-tech coating added that provides a layer of invisible insulation. Essentially, it means that your windows act more like an insulated wall, thereby keeping your home temperature moderated, regardless of the weather outside.

Automated homes: The next evolution of ‘smart’ things is home automation. By hooking up lights, locks, air conditioners, appliances and security systems to automated processes, you can save money on your electricity bill because your expensive items are no longer running when no-one’s home. Best of all, these automations can often be controlled via your smartphone.

Smart meters: The big-screen TV you keep plugged in and switched on in the rumpus room, but that you only watch on Friday nights? It could be costing you $20 a year in standby mode. Saving big money on your electricity bill may be possible by monitoring your existing usage. New ‘smart meters’ are being released and refined regularly; these allow you to monitor your energy output and see potential ‘plugs’ to leak.

Efficient lighting: Lighting has come a long way in recent years, with LED lights the latest and greatest energy efficient bulb on the block. They last for decades and use virtually no power, compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Using motion sensors will also help you to avoid lights being left on when not in use.

Heat-seeking drones: They’re not yet available in Australia, but Canadian company MyHEAT uses drones to physically see where heat is escaping you’re your homes using thermal heat mapping. Homeowners can use this information to maximise their insulation and cut down on heating costs – a perfect solution during those chilly winter months in Melbourne!