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How to stop splurging on online shopping

How to stop splurging on online shopping

Online shopping is one of the internet’s greatest gifts, yet it also happens to be every shopaholic’s curse.

It just makes it so irresistible to shop, even though it’s already your fifth nude lipstick with just a bit of a warm undertone and you really don’t need another one at all…

If online shopping is the bane of your existence, check out these four effective ways on how you can control your urges when shopping online:

  1. Don’t save your credit card info

Online shopping is already convenient in and of itself, but don’t make it a lot easier by storing your credit card information on PayPal and within every single online store that you shop at. By storing your credit details, it means you’re just one click away from purchasing more stuff, which can be very dangerous if you are an impulsive shopper. Delete your credit card details and see how it slows down your spending.

  1. Consider your purchase for 24 hours

Sometimes, the thrill of buying something is the high you’re really chasing, rather than the item itself. Next time you’re shopping online, place the items you want in your cart and then commit to waiting 24 hours before you purchase them. If you really want to buy it a day later, then make the effort to dig out your credit card and enter your payment information to finalise the transaction. Hopefully, this will help you avoid buying unnecessary things, once the ‘thrill’ of the buying moment has passed.

  1. Get rid of shopping apps on your phone.

Retailers create their own apps that are made to simplify your shopping experience – something that you don’t want if you’re battling against shopping splurges. Of course, you can still shop through your browser, but that’s a whole lot more work – enough to discourage you from absent shopping.

  1. Unsubscribe from promo emails

Just think of how many times you’ve gone shopping after receiving an email announcing, “50% off on all items!” Before you know it, you’ve purchased three pairs of shoes and you’re now hundreds of dollars poorer, for items you probably (definitely) didn’t need. Ditch those tempting emails by clicking the unsubscribe button located at the bottom of the email. Your wallet will thank you for it!